Meaning: To give up a claim to; forgo
Sounds Like: Wave (waving someone goodbye)
Imagine This: Dave is giving up his claim to his car to a second hand buyer for money he desperately needed. To show how much he would miss his car, he waved goodbye till his car was out of sight.


Meaning: Stimulate; to sharpen by grinding
Sounds Like: Wet
Remember This: You must wet the grindstone before you use it to sharpen your knife.


Meaning: To use with the hands; to exercise power or authority
Sounds Like: Weld (welder)
Imagine This: he welders, who join pieces of metal together, must wield a high temperature torch gun skillfully in order to properly align the pieces together.
Other Forms: Wielder (noun)


Meaning: Full of craftiness (trickiness, deceptive); sly
Looks Like: Willy ( A killer whale in the movie Free Willy)
Remember This: Willy (the killer whale) doesn’t always follow his instructor’s instructions. First he pretends to follow, but like any other killer whale, in the last moment he does something totally different. His instructor comments, “Willy is very crafty! He always make me think he’s going to follow my instructions from the first look…and I always fall for it!”


Meaning: Becoming dry or wrinkled, usually through aging
Sounds Like: Whiz_Zen * smart_Zen
Imagine This: An old monk called Zen has a wrinkled face, but is still very smart and knowledgeable, so people call him the Whiz Zen. (The Zen whiz is wizened.)
Remember This: Whiz kid * Smart kid
Zen * Religious Japanese meditation

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