Meaning: Containing more word than necessary; wordy
Sounds Like: Her_boast (talkative with too much pride);Verbal
Imagine This: A woman is talking to her friends about how expensive her golden necklace for hours because she was too talkative.
Those who are talkative are usually verbal in nature.
Other Forms: Verbosity (noun)


Meaning: To clear from blame or suspicion
Sounds Like: Win_the_case
Imagine This: If you win the case in court, then you will automatically be cleared from blame or suspicion.
Other Forms: Vindicator (noun)


Meaning: Poisonous; deadly; bitter; hostile
Looks Like: Viru (virus)_lent
Sounds Like: Viru(s)_lint (linen used for dressing wounds)
Imagine This: Virus is very deadly and poisonous. It can be transmitted even through lint.
Remember This: Virus brings violent to our immune system.
Other Forms: Virulence (noun); Virulently (adv.)

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