Meaning: To postpone indefinitely
Sounds Like: Table (furniture)
Imagine This: The booking of the big conference room in the hotel is postponed indefinitely because the custom made table has not arrive yet.
Remember This: Turn the table ? Reverse one’s relationsLay on the table ? Submit for discussion


Meaning: Silent; not in mood to talk
Sounds Like: Taxi_turn
Imagine This: The cautious taxi driver never in a mood to talk to anyone while he is driving.When he makes a sharp turn, the taxi turns smoothly and silently.
Other Forms: Tacit (adjective), taciturnity (noun)


Meaning: Not easily pulled apart
Looks Like: Tentacles
Sounds Like: Ten Asians
Imagine This: A group of ten strong Asians athletes are performing an act.They are holding tightly together so no one from the audience could pull them apart.
If a tentacle of an octopus grabs you, it will certainly be difficult to pull apart.
Other Forms: Tenacity (noun); Tenaciously (adv.)


Meaning: Attractive and glamorous; decorative thread of glittering metal or paper
Sounds Like: Utensil (eating or cooking tool)
Remember This: Silver utensils are usually glitter, shiny and attractive, to make the presentation just as good as the food.


Meaning: To cut short, to cut off
Sounds Like: Trunk (in tree trunk)_ate;Trunk_Kate
Imagine This: If someone ate part of the trunk of a tree off, the tree will certainly be shorter.
Kate owns a tree cutting company called “Trunk Kate.Her company cuts off or sometimes just cuts the trees trunks shorter.Then the tree trunks are then sold as firewood.
Remember This: Trunk is the body of the tree.Usually symbolizes “tallness.

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