Meaning: To examine; to investigate
Sounds Like: Screw_tin_eyes
Imagine This: In a doll factory, a worker screws tin eyes onto dolls, while a second worker carefully examines the quality of the completed dolls before they are boxed and shipped out of the factory.


Meaning: A deep loud sound
Looks Like: Snore (Loud sound made while sleeping)
Other Forms: Sonorousness (noun); Sonorously (adv.)


Meaning: Loud and harsh sound
Looks Like: Trident ? A three-pronged spear; Trident missile ? Name of the most advanced nuclears submarine missile
Sounds Like: Stride (to walk or run with long steps) _ant
Imagine This: There is an ant race and every ant in the stadium is very excited, yelling, “Stride! Ants! Take bigger steps! Go! Go!The announcer screamed, “On your mars, get set, go!The runner run with big steps and other ants keep yelling making loud and harsh noises.
Remember This: Trident missiles make loud and harsh sounds when it is ignited.


Meaning: To submit to the will of others; yielding to authority
Imagine This: It is hard to be submissive to authority but being submissive sometime save us from big trouble.
Remember This: Sub- ? A prefix meaning under or less Submarine ? A vessel operated under water Subjugate ? Bring under control
Note: Miss- or –miss ? A root or stem of a word meaning to send Missile ? A spear like object send as a weapon Dismiss ? To send away
Other Forms: Submissively (adv.); Submissiveness (noun)


Meaning: Hard to follow
Sounds Like: Sub (under)_tile
Imagine This: A submarine made out of tiles is hard to follow by radar underwater than regular metal submarines.
Other Forms: Subtler (adj.); Subtly (adv.)


Meaning: Excessive; surplus; more than enough
Sounds Like: Super_flu_US (USA)
Imagine This: There is a super flu virus spreading around the United States.It is a ‘super’ flu because it causes a very runny nose with extra mucus coming out.
In the vegetable garden, the weeds are flourished excessively than the slow growing vegetable seedlings.
Remember This: Super- or Sur-? Prefix meaning over or above
Supererogation ? Doing more than expected or required
Surmount ? Overcome
Other Forms: Superfluity (noun); Superfluously (adv.)


Meaning: To put an end to the activity
Sounds Like: Sub (under)_press
Imagine This: A press company was closed down by the communist government; but its CEO moved the company into his personal submarine, where no one would be able to end his activity.
Remember This: Subdivide ? Divide into smaller parts; Subway ? Underground road
Other Forms: Suppression (noun); Suppressor (noun); Suppressive (adj.)

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