Meaning: Unrestrained
Sounds Like: Ram (male sheep)_pant (breathing quickly)
Imagine This: A ram that is panting is running around wildly with no restraint on where to go.
Other Forms: Rampantly (adv.)


Meaning: Harsh sounding; loud and hoarse
Sounds Like: Rock_us
Imagine This: Two children are on a rocking chair.“Rock us! they asked their parents.When their parents rocked the chair, it made harsh and loud noises because the wooden floor was loose.


Meaning: To correct; straighten; to make amends for
Sounds Like: Wreck_the_fly
Imagine This: A painter is rushing to finish painting a portrait of a man.After it was done, he finds there is something wrong with the portrait.There is a big pimple on the chin that he didn’t recall painting!He looked closer and realized it was a fly.“I’ll wreck the fly!, he screamed in anger, hurrying to correct the portrait.
Other Forms: Rectification (noun); Rectifier (noun)


Meaning: Strict honesty; moral integrity
Sounds Like: Attitude
Imagine This: Some of the attitude towards life is to have strict honesty and moral integrity.


Meaning: Full of fragrance
Sounds Like: Red_dull_lint
Imagine This: A bag of potpourri made of red, dull colored lint instead of dried flowers, is full of fragrance with a rose scent.
Note: Do not confuse with Indolent, which means lazy.
Other Forms: Redolence (noun), redolently (adv.)


Meaning: Set right; compensate; to avenge; to remedy
Looks Like: Red_dress
Sounds Like: Re (again)_dress ? Re_dress (put on the dress again)
Re ?A prefix meaning again or back
Imagine This: The mother noticing her daughter’s red dress is inside out.She say to her, “Please put the dress on again, and get it right this time!.
Female ninja wears red dress as a symbol that they are about to avenge for the death of their master or fellow ninja.


Meaning: Unfriendly, far away
Sounds Like: Remote control
Imagine This: Some TV remote controls are not very user friendly because they would not work if they are too far away from the TV.


Meaning: To give up; resign
Sounds Like: Re_announce
Imagine This: During World War II, a city of France has suffered a lot of casualties and is giving up.However, the German didn’t acknowledge their surrender and kept on bombarding the city.The French kept on re-announcing with a loud speaker that they were surrendering.
Note: Don’t confuse with renown which means well known and honored.


Meaning: Repair; redecorate; modernize
Looks Like: Reno (gambling city)_vacation
Imagine This: We need to repair our old van before we can go on our Reno vacation.
Other Forms: Renovate (verb); Renovator (noun)


Meaning: To scold; rebuke
Sounds Like: Re_poach ? again_poach
Imagine This: A mother is scolding her daughter because she is poaching the eggs too brief and the egg was not well cooked.She has no choice but to re-poach the eggs, because uncooked eggs can cause salmonella, which can be fatal.
Note: Don’t confuse with the word re-approach.


Meaning: Quick to recover
Looks Like: Re_silent ? Return to silence
Remember This: The supersonic jet makes a very loud noise, but also quickly returns to silence.
Other Forms: Resilience (noun); resiliency (noun)


Meaning: Determined; having a firm purpose
Looks Like: Absolute (definite)
Sounds Like: Re(again)_salute ? Salute again
Imagine This: “I am determined to be a good soldier and do my best to serve my country.If I do, next year the captain will re-salute to and show me what a good job I’ve done! says a lieutenant.
If you are absolute about a matter, you must be determined, firm and do not change your mind.
Other Forms: Resolutely (adv.); Resoluteness (noun)


Meaning: Brilliant; shining brilliantly
Sounds Like: Re (again)_splendid
Imagine This: A maid is cleaning silverware and has done a really good job.Her master is saying again and again, “Splendid! Splendid! Good job!The silverware is shining brilliantly!

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