Meaning: A person who opposes war, and who works for peace between nations
Looks Like: Pacify (calm)_fist (hand)
Imagine This: If you have a calm fist, you will refuse to fight.
Remember This: Pacify is to calm; and pacifier is a rubber nibble for baby to suck on and calm down.
Other Forms: Pacify (verb)


Meaning: Ease pain; make less offensive
Sounds Like: Pally _ache (pain, e.g. stomach-ache)
Imagine This: Pally’s belly is aching, so she goes to the doctor. The doctor said it is only a stomachache, take this medicine twice a day and it will ease the pain.


Meaning: Worthless
Sounds Like: Poultry (fowls, like chicken and duck)
Imagine This: When poultry is not kept refrigerated, it will turn bad and become worthless.
Remember This: Silicon is worthless unless you know how to use it in making computer chips.
Other Forms: Paltriness (noun)


Looks Like: Aragon ( An ancient kingdom in northeastern Spain which is the model of excellence at that time)
Sounds Like: Pentagon (Building for US armed forces, located near Washington, D.C.)
Imagine This: The Pentagon is a classified compound that should be modeled after by other nations in its complexity and efficiency.
Remember This: Par- or Para-? A prefix meaning beside or beyond
Paramedical ? Supplementing and supporting medical work
Paranormal ? Beyond the normal explanation


Looks Like: Party
Imagine This: The high schools in the same area share the same Conduct Code on party.
Remember This: Computer data stored in memories usually have extra parity bits, which are used to detect any error within a group of bits (or data).If the parity bits indicate an error, it will be corrected accordingly.


Meaning: Excessive carefulness in using money; miser
Looks Like: Parsnip (a root vegetable)
Imagine This: There was rich man who was a miser, he only ate parsnip from his garden for meals.
Other Forms: Parsimonious (adv.)


Meaning: Smallness in number or quantity; rare
Sounds Like: Smallness in number or quantity; rare
Imagine This: Paw city is city inhibited only by animals with paws, like dog, and cat.Can you name one? I think they are very rare.


Meaning: Concerned of money; cash
Looks Like: Pecan_dairy
Imagine This: A farmer counted how many pounds of pecans and how many pounds of dairy product he sold, in order to analysis his cash situation.


Meaning: Ordinary
Sounds Like: Ordinary
Remember This: Pedestrians are ordinary because they walk with their legs.In the ancient time it is not ordinary to have a ride.


Meaning: Lacking; need the necessities of life, like food and shelter
Looks Like: Penny (copper coin that almost worth nothing)
Imagine This: During the Great Depression, migrant workers had to work hours to earn a few pennies, for poverty was everywhere.
Other Forms: Penurious (adj.); Penuriously (adv.)


Meaning: Done in a careless manner; mechanical; without enthusiasm
Looks Like: Per_factory (Each_ factory)
Imagine This: The toy factory inspector has to inspect thousands of toys everyday, it is so routine that he does the job just for the sake of it.
Other Forms: Perfunctoriness (noun); Perfunctorily (adv.)


Meaning: Quickness of understanding; mental clear-sightedness
Looks Like: Per_speck_of_city
Imagine This: The bomber pilot has the quick mind that even at 50,000 feet he can spot each speck of the city clearly and drop the bombs accurately.
Other Forms: Perspicacious (adj.); Perspicaciously (adv.)


Meaning: To read with care and attention
Looks Like: Per_use;Pursue (seek after)
Remember This: In the hospital, every time a nurse uses a syringe, they have to be very attentive to make sure it is sterilized and disposed after each use.
Before the college grad went on to pursue his master’s degree he had to study carefully and in detail in order to get good grades so that he would be accepted to the graduate schools.
Other Forms: Perusal (noun)


Meaning: To spread out to every part
Looks Like: Persuade
Imagine This: When the ants invaded the picnic table they spread out all over the food.
During World War II, the mayor persuaded the folks to leave and spread out into the countryside before the enemy arrived.
Other Forms: Pervasion (noun); Pervasiveness (noun); Pervasively (adv.)


Meaning: Irritable, ill tempered
Sounds Like: Pet_you_lent
Imagine This: There is a “pet-you-lent shop where you can rent a pet of your choice for a fee.Since the pets switches from home to home, they do not get the proper treatment and love compared to the ordinary pets.As a result, the pets in the shop are always ill tempered!


Meaning: Love of humankind
Looks Like: Phil (Philadelphia)_ant_trophy
Imagine This: A peace trophy is awarded to Poppy, the ant, for her love of ant-kind in Philadelphia.In the speech he said, “Thank you for this Philadelphia ant trophy.I would like to thank my parents, 357 brothers, 765 sisters and every ant here tonight.
Remember This: Phil- or -Phil ? A root or stem of a word meaning lovePhilanthropist ? One who loves to uses his wealth to benefit mankind Anglophile ? One who love England and EnglishSometimes you’ll see the newspaper with articles about some generous person who made a substantial donation to certain charitable organization and they are referred as philanthropist.


Meaning: To calm down the anger; tranquil
Looks Like: Play_ate ? Play & eat
Imagine This: If the prison provides “play & eat just like a resort, will you bet that the inmates will calm down and become less violent?


Meaning: Seeming right or reasonable; possible
Sounds Like: Possible
Remember This: If something is reasonable, will it be possibly believable?
Other Forms: Plausibly (adv.)


Meaning: Drop straight down; to drop sharply and abruptly
Sounds Like: Plum (the fruit)_mitt;Plum (the fruit)_met (meet)
Imagine This: If you use plums instead of baseballs to play baseball, they will drop straight down after a few seconds because it’s not made of the same material.The plum drops abruptly, so you must use plum mitt to catch these weird ‘plum balls’.
When the plum (fruit) is ripe, it will suddenly drop straight down from the plum tree one day.When the plum meets the ground, the ants will come to welcome it.
Remember This: Share prices have plummeted to the lowest point.
Other Forms: Plummet (noun)
Connect With: Plummet (noun)


Meaning: Clever in the words to say, shrewdly tactful
Sounds Like: politics (noun)(See Note below)
Remember This: In government politics, you have to be shrewdly tactful to gain respect from fellow politicians, and to avoid attacks from your political opponents.
Note: Don’t be confused with politics (noun) which is the practice of government


Meaning: Potent
Sounds Like: Potion ( a drink, especially of liquid medicine)
Imagine This: The potion prepared by the witches is very strong; it can make you look fifty years younger.
Remember This: The new medicine “Viagra is so powerful that it can cure those men who are impotent.
Other Forms: Potency (noun); Potently (adv.)


Meaning: An earlier occurrence of something similar
Sounds Like: President
Remember This: When presidents go for reelection, it is very similar to the last election, because the same nominees are being re-nominated. The nominees usually preach the same message, since the voters are also usually the same


Meaning: To prevent; inhibit
Sounds Like: Pre (before)_clue ? Before_clue
Imagine This: Sherlock Holmes says, “It is impossible to solve this murder case before any clues are discovered.
Remember This: Pre ?A prefix meaning before
Precede ?To go before in time, place, or importance
Premonition ?A warning in advance
Other Forms: Sherlock Holmes says, “It is impossible to solve this murder case before any clues are discovered.


Meaning: Abundant; giving with great generosity
Sounds Like: Pro (Professional)_fuse
Imagine This: Professional-fuse which allows the circuit to pour forth an abundant amount of electrical current than a conventional fuse.
Tim Taylor, in TV show “Home Improvement, is modifying his equipment by adding a Pro Fuse© that allows the equipment to run at very large amounts of electricity before blowing the fuse.
Remember This: Fuse is the circuit that protects the electric system from damaging due to accidental shorts
Other Forms: Profusion (noun), Profusely (adv.)


Meaning: To proclaim, put into action
Sounds Like: Prom_you_gate
Imagine This: Before the senior prom, John is proclaiming his admiration for Mary (one of his classmate) in front of the school gate.“Please be my prom partner!I’m going to stay here at this gate until you agree to go to the senior prom with me! proclaimed John.


Meaning: Careful; using judgement and foresight
Sounds Like: Prune (a kind of fruit)_dent
Imagine This: A kid is looking at a box full of prunes and notices that some prunes are dented, so he asks his grandpa why.“Prunes need to be handled really carefully or they will dent. replied his grandpa.
Remember This: Prudential is a very big insurance and investment company that uses a rock as their logo to make people think that they are as solid and strong as a rock.
Other Forms: Prudential (adj.); Prudence (noun)

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