Meaning: Rebuke; scold
Looks Like: Object_gate
Imagine This: When the child casting objects at the gate, the owner of the property scolded him.
Other Forms: Objurgation (noun)


Meaning: To wipe out; delete
Looks Like: Oh!_Litter_ate
Imagine This: Oh! The sea gulls ate all the garbage from the litter pile.
Other Forms: Obliteration (noun); Obliterative (adj.)


Meaning: Behaving like a slave; too eager to serve or obey in order to earn an award or advantage
Sounds Like: Off_sequence
Imagine This: There was once a toy factory where workers work like slaves to earn an award.They worked too fast that the assembly line went off sequence.
Other Forms: Obsequiousness (noun); Obsequiously (adv.)


Meaning: Firmly adhering to one’s chosen course of action or opinion
Looks Like: Obstacle; Abstain ? To restrain from indulging
Imagine This: Ice cream and cake are obstacles for dieters. They must be obstinate to their diet.
When you want to lose weight, you have to abstain from ice cream and cake, even it looks tempting.
Other Forms: Obstinacy (noun); Obstinately (adv.)


Meaning: Not pointed or acute; dull; stupid
Imagine This: If the tip of a sword is shaped in an obtuse angle it must be dull for jabbing compare to a 45 degree angle.
Remember This: Obtuse angle is an angle bigger than 90 degree.
Other Forms: Obtuseness (noun); Obtusely (adv.)


Meaning: A sign indicating some disaster is about to happen
Sounds Like: A_minus (less)
Imagine This: When the couple relaxing on the sunny beach heard that a thunderstorm was coming their way; they knew that it would be a minus to their honeymoon because they have to less days of staying.
Other Forms: Omen (noun); Ominously (adv.)


Meaning: Difficult; weighty
Looks Like: One_rules
Imagine This: It is a difficult job for one person to rule over a town, handle all its paper work, and making all the decision for the town folks.
When one guy pick up the back-pack for his two weeks hiking trip, he said, “The weight is on me.
Other Forms: Onerously (adv.); Onerousness (noun)


Meaning: Great riches; wealth
Sounds Like: Opu_lent (borrow); Appliance
Imagine This: Opu is such a wealthy man, that he lent millions of dollars to his friends without IOU and without interest!
In a mansion lived a billionaire, there are enough electric appliances to drain the electricity of a nuclear power station.
Other Forms: Opulent (adj.); Opulently (adv.);

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