Meaning: Very wicked; infamous
Sounds Like: Notorious (commonly known)
Imagine This: The vampire is notoriously known as a wicked character.
Remember This: Al Capone, the Mafia, was the most notorious criminal in the U. S. history.


Meaning: An in-experience person; a novice
Looks Like: Neo(New)_byte(a byte of data is equivalent to eight bits of data for a computer)
Imagine This: A young boy, never used a computer, goes to a computer camp, he is put into the novice group, nicknamed, “Neo Bytes.
Remember This: Neo- ? A prefix meaning new or recent
Neoplasm ? A new and abnormal growth in the body


Meaning: Longing for something one has known in the past;homesick
Looks Like: No_tragic
Imagine This: An old grandmother sit in her rocking chair on the front porch and wondering how her life would be if there were no tragic plane crash that killed all her relatives.
Other Forms: Nostalgia (noun)

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