Meaning: Greathearted; nobly generous
Looks Like: My_nanny_loves_us (nanny is a person who takes care of young children)
Mag_unanimous (unanimous means completely agree)
Imagine This: The children who grew up with a nurturing and loving nanny will tend to become loving and generous persons.
People who give complete agreement and live in harmony with others are usually great-hearted and forgiving.
Remember This: Magn-? The stem of a word meaning great, remember .44 Magnum (a large and powerful caliber bullet)?
Magnify ? Enlarge
Magnanimity ? Greatness of soul
Other Forms: Magnanimously (adv.); Magnanimity (noun)


Meaning: An influential person
Looks Like: Magnet
Imagine This: person with great power and influence is like a strong magnet, which can attract a lot of attention.
Remember This: Magn- ?Great


Meaning: A curse
Looks Like: Mal_diction
Sounds Like: Mal(bad)_diction(speech)
Remember This: Mal- ? A stem of a word meaning bad
Malefactor ? Evil doer
Malfunction ? Function badly
Other Forms: Maledictory (adj.)


Meaning: A criminal
Looks Like: Mal(bad)_factor; Male_factor
Imagine This: Disposing household chemicals into the drain is one of the bad factors in polluting the Bay.
The male-factor is a critical issue in today’s prison since majority of criminals are male.
Other Forms: Malefaction (noun)


Meaning: A desire to do evil
Looks Like: My_lice (tiny white bugs cling to hair)
Imagine This: :After the teacher gave Mark a detention, he thought of an evil plan; he told his friend, I am going to put my lice into the teacher’s hair.
Other Forms: Malicious (adj.); Maliciously (adv.)


Meaning: Speak ill of; slander; vilify
Looks Like: Mal (bad)_ sign
Imagine This: Candidates vilify their opponents during political champaign is a bad sign in a moral sense.
Other Forms: Malignant (adj.)


Meaning: A skillful plan of action; scheme (secret plot); manipulation
Sounds Like: Man_hover (Man in hovercraft)
Imagine This: The lieutenant was complimenting the skillful moves the soldier did to dodge the sea mines with his hovercraft.However, he also cautioned that they also must come up with a scheme to deceive the enemy.


Meaning: Ruined; damaged
Looks Like: Mar (to deface or disfigure)_red
Imagine This: When the red Ferrari hits the flatbed truck, its body is ruined and marred.
Other Forms: Mar (verb)


Meaning: Person who imposes strict discipline and demands obedience to orders; a very strict disciplinarian
Looks Like: Martin_net
Imagine This: Martin is teaching his son how to use fishing net.He tell him to hold the net at exactly 75 degree angle while his legs must remain very straight.As you can see, he is a very strict person on how the net must be held in order to catch the salmon swimming upstream.


Meaning: Foolishly sentimental
Sounds Like: Ma’s_kiss ? Mother’s_kiss
Remember This: Teenagers usually find their mother’s kiss foolishly sentimental because they don’t want to look like babies anymore, particularly in front of their friends.
Other Forms: Mawkishly (adverb)


Meaning: Thin; lacking in flesh; scanty
Sounds Like: Me_eager
Imagine This: If I were very thin and weak, I will be eager to gain some weight.
A budget to live on one dollar a day is very scanty.
Other Forms: Meagerness (noun); Meagerly (adv.)


Meaning: Wander aimlessly; winding path
Sounds Like: Me_under (I am under the influence)
Imagine This: If I am under the influence of alcohol while driving, I will wander aimlessly on the freeway.This is extremely dangerous, remember this: If you drink, don’t drive!
Remember This: There are usually meander (winding) paths in downhill mountain-biking or downhill skiing.
Other Forms: Meandering (adj.); Meander (noun)


Meaning: Flowing of sweet pleasing voice or music
Sounds Like: Mellow (sweet in taste or rich in sound)_for_us
Imagine This: The twenty-year old wine is a mellow wine for us to enjoy.
Other Forms: Mellifluously (adv.); Mellifluent (adj.)


Meaning: Untrue statement; lying
Sounds Like: Mend_the_city
Imagine This: The mayor apologized that he had lied to the people.He used the public money to build his own mansion instead of mending the city.
Other Forms: Mendacious (adj.); Mendaciously (adv.)


Meaning: Beggar
Sounds Like: Men_the_can (man with the can)
Imagine This: A man holding a can on the street is most likely a beggar begging for money.


Meaning: Very careful and precise
Sounds Like: Ridiculous
Imagine This: It is ridiculous to keep a garbage can clean and shiny everyday.
Other Forms: Meticulously (adv.); Meticulousness (noun)


Meaning: Misunderstand; interpret incorrectly
Looks Like: Mis (wrong)_construct
Imagine This: When the ESL student first learned English, he misunderstands the grammar and that led him to construct sentences with the wrong structure.
Remember This: Mis-? A prefix meaning bad or wrong Misdemeanor ? Bad conduct Misstep ? A wrong step


Meaning: To alleviate; to make milder or less severe
Sounds Like: Mitt_the _gate
Imagine This: We tied an old baseball mitt on the gate’s barbed wire so that it made injury less severe.


Meaning: To calm; to soothe; to soften
Sounds Like: Molly_flies
Imagine This: Molly, the moth, flies into the sky hoping to soothe her anger.


Meaning: One person speaks in a play or speech
Remember This: Mono_ logue (as dialog- conversation or speech)
Mono-? A prefix meaning one
Monarchy ?One ruler government
Monotheism ?Belief in one god


Meaning: Gloomy; sad
Sounds Like: More_ rose
Imagine This: Won’t you feel gloomy that even you send more roses to your girl friend but she never appreciated them.
Other Forms: Moroseness (noun); Morosely (adv.)


Meaning: Worldly
Imagine This: The monk has no interest in worldly affair, like job advancement, but devoted to prayer and devotion time.
Other Forms: Mundanely (adv.)


Meaning: Generous
Looks Like: Magnificent
Sounds Like: Money sufficient
Imagine This: Vincent has earned a lot of money from the stock market, and is giving it to the poor.“The money left over is sufficient for myself.The poor people all thanked Vincent and said, “You’re such a magnificent young man!There aren’t many generous people like you out there these days.
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Meaning: Innumerable; large in number
Looks Like: My_Raid ( a spray to kill insects)
Imagine This: When Raid is sprayed on the ant trail it kills innumerable of ants.
Remember This: Myriad stars exit in the universe.
Note: Myriad can be used as a noun or an adjective

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