Meaning: Expressed in only a few words
Looks Like: La(the)_tonic(potion)
Imagine This: The magician sold Calvin a tonic that would boost his literary skills, and make him speak more than a few words.


Meaning: Expression of grief; moan
Looks Like: La(the)_Mentos(candy)
Imagine This: Calvin cried in the bus because somebody ate all of his Mentos, and he needed more to feast on.
Other Forms: Lamentation (noun); Lamentably (adv.); Lamentable (adj.)


Meaning: Lose health and strength
Looks Like: Anguish (mental suffering)
Imagine This: A mother’s anguish over the death of her child, made her lose her health and strength to focus on her work.
Other Forms: Languor (noun); Languorous (adj.)


Meaning: Liberal giving; generosity
Sounds Like: Large_s’s ? Large $’s
Imagine This: A rich man is donating a lot of money to a charity organization.The charity organizer said, “You’ve given us a lot of large $ bills.Thank you very much!


Meaning: Potential; present, but not active
Looks Like: Latex (milky juice secreted by plants to make rubber)
Imagine This: Latex is useless unless someone decides to make use of it in making balloons, bike tubes, or car tires.
Other Forms: Latency (noun)


Meaning: Praise with hymns; exalt; extol
Imagine This: When the church’s choir praises the Lord by singing hymns; their voices were so loud that the people passing by in cars could hear them. In some cases, they may sing louder to attract the people passing by to go to the church.
When the church’s choir singing songs to praise the Lord, they sing it so loud that the neighborhood can hear them.
Other Forms: Laudatory (adj.); Laudable (adj.); Laudably (adv.)


Meaning: Money etc. handed down by ancestors or through a will
Looks Like: Leg_ace (A’s – the best)
Imagine This: The runner who aces the race claims that he has inherited his ancestor’s genes of strong leg muscles.


Meaning: Exhausted; sleepy; slow
Looks Like: Lethal_tragic
Imagine This: :Thirty minutes after being bitten by a rattlesnake on a bike trail, the rider became sleepy and became unconscious because the poison had already proved to be lethal to his body.It was tragic!
Other Forms: Lethargy (noun); Lethargically (adv.)


Meaning: Weightless; lack of seriousness
Looks Like: Levitate; Levi’s
Imagine This: When Michael Jordan jumps and dunks the ball into the hoop, it seems like he is weightless and hangs in the air for a few seconds.
Students who wear Levi jeans to attend graduation ceremony are lack of seriousness for the occasion.


Meaning: Flexible, agile, nimble
Sounds Like: Timber = wood, Limbo
Imagine This: A house is built with timber is usually more earthquake proof compared to concrete buildings because timber is flexible which concrete is not.
Remember This: To do the ‘limbo’ (dance under a pole), your body must be flexible in order to go under without touching the pole


Meaning: Treat as a celebrity
Sounds Like: Lion_eyes
Imagine This: In the eyes of all the animals, Lion King is the king of the animal kingdom and they have to treat him with respect.


Meaning: Tired; sluggish; lifeless
Looks Like: Life_less
Imagine This: During the boring lecture, the professor discovered that the hall was lifeless, and surprised most of his students were asleep.
Other Forms: Listlessness (noun); Listlessly (adv.)


Meaning: Person who seeks to influence political events
Sounds Like: Lobby_ist Lobby ? Entrance hall-ist ? A prefix meaning a person who is doing, following or pursuing something
Imagine This: The lobbyists gather in the lobby where the Senators meet in Washington D.C. to influence them on political events or to pass a bill.


Meaning: Things at a great height; proud
Looks Like: Loft
Remember This: A loft is an attic, which is located at the top part of a house or a barn.
Other Forms: Loftiness (noun)


Meaning: Clear; readily understood
Looks Like: Translucent (permitting light to pass through)
Imagine This: When parasailing along Malaysia coast, the water is so translucent that one could see multi-colored coral, tropical fish, and dolphins beneath the water. One can readily understand that there is no pollution here.
Remember This: Luc- ? The stem of a word meaning light
Lucent ?Shining; bright
Other Forms: Lucidity (noun); Lucidly (adv.)


Meaning: Profitable, producing wealth
Sounds Like: Lu_creative
Imagine This: Lu’s creativeness in designing art and craft products led her to own a very profitable business.


Meaning: Miserable; sad
Looks Like: Luger_bring_us (Luger is the name of a German pistol used in World War ll)
Imagine This: A lot of widows claim the Luger killed their husbands and bring them miserable life.
Other Forms: Lugubriousness (noun); Lugubriously (adv.)


Meaning: Clumsy, heavy and noisy movement
Looks Like: Lumber (tree or timber)
Remember This: Lumberjacks (people who cut and transport timber) use the powerful chain saw to cut down the lumber, which requires them to make heavy and noisy movements.

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