Meaning: Technical terms or vocabulary used by certain profession or trade
Looks Like: Jar_gone
Imagine This: One particular group of tribesmen who live out in the desert speak into jars, and listen to the echoes from the jars to communicate.After a windy storm, they could not speak for a long time because all their jars were gone.


Meaning: Carefree; jolly
Looks Like: Haunt_y
Imagine This: The three friendly ghosts that haunted the house were always carefree and jolly because they loved to scare people who came into the house.
Other Forms: Jauntiness (noun); Jauntily (adv.)


Meaning: Danger of harm
Sounds Like: Jet_party
Imagine This: Having a party on a jet is very dangerous because your guests might drop off accidentally.Do it at your own risk!
Remember This: “Jeopardy is a popular TV game show in which the players have to be careful in every stage to avoid risks in order to beat the opponents.


Meaning: Throw goods overboard to lighten a ship during a storm
Looks Like: Jet (airplane) _Tyson (boxing champ Mike Tyson);Jet_a_son
Imagine This: Mike Tyson is on an airplane 1000 ft above ground.He is learning to sky dive, but he is scared to jump off.So other people on-board throw him overboard.Afterwards, the airplane was named “Jet Tyson to commemorate Tyson being thrown overboard.
When the jet crashed into the sea, it started to sink, and the crew started throw all the heavy things off the plane to keep it buoyant, and one man volunteered to throw his son out of the plane.


Meaning: Humorous; fond of joking
Sounds Like: Joke_hour
Imagine This: A show on TV for teens is called Joke_Hour and many teenagers are interested in the humor of the show’s jokes and pranks.
Other Forms: Jocularity (noun); Jocularly (adv.)


Meaning: Joyful
Looks Like: Jubilee (a time of rejoicing)
Imagine This: A jubilee atmosphere filled the house when it was time to cut the cake and open the presents.
Other Forms: Jubilation (noun); Jubilantly (adv.)


Meaning: Showing good judgement; wise
Looks Like: Ju_delicious
Imagine This: Ju, the food contest judge, has been through so many contest that he knows which dish is delicious just by looking at it.
Other Forms: Judiciousness (noun); Judiciously (adv.)


Meaning: The point at which two things join or connect
Looks Like: Junction (a crossroad)
Imagine This: It is extremely important to know which junction to exit while driving on a trip.


Meaning: Place close together or side by side
Sounds Like: Just_pose
Imagine This: When the designer wanted to capture all of her models, she told them just pose side by side in front of her camera.
Other Forms: Juxtaposition (noun)

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