Meaning: The worship of idols
Sounds Like: Idol_a_tree
Imagine This: The tree that saved the king during a flood has become widely worshipped as a god of peace.
Other Forms: Idolater (noun); Idolize (verb); Idolatrous (adj.)


Meaning: To inspire with feelings or opinions
Sounds Like: I’m_blue
Imagine This: The president of the dye company who goes into the vat to test the color of the dye and shouted, “ I’m blue!
Remember This: The setting sun imbuesthe sky with a red glow. The soldiers were imbued with patriotism.


Meaning: About to happen; coming soon
Looks Like: Immigrant
Imagine This: The immigrants who have taking all the steps in becoming Americans, are soon going to be citizens after swearing the oath the next day.
Other Forms: Imminently (adv.); Imminence (noun)


Meaning: Unable to change
Remember This: Im –? A prefix meaning Not Mutable ? Likely to change;Im_mutable ? Not likely to change
Other Forms: Immutability (noun); Immutably(adv.)


Meaning: Emotionless; showing no feeling
Looks Like: Im_passive (not active)
Imagine This: Participants who are passive are usually emotionless and show no feeling or expression.
Other Forms: Impassively (adv.); Impassivity (noun)


Meaning: To block; to obstruct
Sounds Like: Stampede (race)
Imagine This: When the stampede of the elephants went through the African village, it blocked the way people use to travel until the elephants left.
Other Forms: Impedance (noun); Impediment (noun)


Meaning: Moving quickly and violently; done impulsively
Looks Like: Im_pet_us
Imagine This: The little boy, before petting the hamster, saw the sign next to the cage, “Do not pet us! and he make an impulsive move to retreat his hand.
Other Forms: Impetuosity (noun); Impetuously (adv.)
Connect With: Impetuosity (noun); Impetuously (adv.)


Meaning: Impoliteness; discourtesy
Sounds Like: Him_to_dance
Imagine This: The boy was extremely impolite when he refused to dance with a girl who asked him onto the floor.
Other Forms: Impudent (adj.); Impudently (adv.)


Meaning: Absurd; foolish
Looks Like: Insane (crazy)
Imagine This: The insane boy made many foolish jokes in class while the teacher was speaking.
Other Forms: Inanity (noun); Inanely (adv.)


Meaning: To introduce formally into office
Imagine This: Bill Clinton was inaugurated in a solemn ceremony attended by many VIPs, to signify that he is officially the new President of the United States.
Other Forms: Inauguration (noun); Inaugural (adj.)


Meaning: Repeatedly; constantly; unceasingly
Looks Like: In_access_ant In- ? A prefix meaning not
Imagine This: When the ant saw the sugar in a closed jar, he tried to find access to the sugar, but failed repeatedly.
Other Forms: Incessantly (adv.); Incessancy (noun)


Meaning: Just formed; undeveloped
Looks Like: In_chocolate
Imagine This: In order to take its shape, the melted chocolate just formed from the mold needs to be cooled down.


Meaning: Excite; stir up
Looks Like: In_sight
Imagine This: When a dog was in Dave’s sight in his birthday, he became extremely excited because this was his present.
Other Forms: Incitement (noun); Incitation (noun)


Meaning: Out of place
Looks Like: In(not)_congruent(the same)
Imagine This: When Hansel and Gretel followed their trail of bread-crumbs back home, they noticed that the trail was not congruent to what the trail had looked like before, and knew that they were lost.
Other Forms: Incongruity (noun); Incongruously (adv.)


Meaning: Cannot be doubted or questioned; true; indisputable
Looks Like: In(not)_convertible(can be changed)
Remember This: It is a true fact that water is convertible into ice.There is no doubt about it.


Meaning: Not capable of being corrected; cannot get out of a bad habit
Looks Like: In(not)_correctable
Imagine This: As the tree grew more and more crooked, the chances of correcting the tree to grow straight again were slim.
Other Forms: Incorrigibility (noun); Incorrigibly (adv.)


Meaning: Doubtful; unbelieving
Looks Like: In(not)_creditable(believable)
Imagine This: After hearing from the accused, the jurors found the story doubtful, and came to a conclusion that the man was guilty.
Other Forms: Incredulity (noun); Incredulously (adv.)


Meaning: Needy; penniless
Looks Like: Indy (race cars) _gent (gentleman)
Imagine This: After losing all his money to betting on Indy car races, the man became penniless.


Meaning: Not capable of failing
Looks Like: In(not)_fail_able ? Incapable to fail or make a mistake; -able ? A suffix meaning capable of
Imagine This: The robot works in a car manufacturing plant have been tested and proven out that it is incapable of failing or making mistake.
Other Forms: Infallibility (noun); Infallibly (adv.)


Meaning: Bad reputation; ill fame
Looks Like: Infamous (famous but in a bad kind of way e.g. Al Capone)
Imagine This: Al Capone is an infamous figure because of his numerous robberies of banks and the evasion of the police.
Other Forms: Infamous (adj.); Infamously (adv.)


Meaning: To arrive at a conclusion by reasoning
Imagine This: After the evidence arrived the police station, the detectives made a conclusion and requested anarrest warrant.
Other Forms: Inference (noun); Inferential (adj.)


Meaning: Not to be understood; puzzled
Looks Like: In(not)_screw_table
Imagine This: When archaeologists found a table in the Inca ruins, they were puzzled to find that the table’s stone legs were not screwed to the table’s surface.
Other Forms: Inscrutability (noun); Inscrutably (adv.)


Meaning: Without flavor; tasteless
Looks Like: In(not)_sip_it
Imagine This: Cooks normally do not sip the broth before he or she adds the seasoning because it is tasteless.
Other Forms: Insipidly (adv.)


Meaning: Extremely rude to someone; insultingly contemptuous in speech or conduct
Looks Like: Sole_lent
Sounds Like: In_sole_ant
Imagine This: There is an antin your shoe sole and it makes you very uncomfortable.Your mom asks why are you keep stamping rudely, so you reply, “It’s not me!There is an ant in my shoe’s sole!
Once there was a rude and wild boy who made trouble everywhere he went and his mother watched in vain until one day her aunt lent the boy’s mother a giant hard shoe sole to punish her son with; and from that day on, when the boy’s mother showed him the sole of the shoe, he was speechless and did what he was told.
Other Forms: Insolence (noun), Insolence (adverb)


Meaning: Unable to pay debts; broke
Looks Like: In(not)_solvent(dissolvable)
Imagine This: The man who could not dissolve his company was forced to declare bankruptcy so that he could start a new life all over again on a clean slate.
Other Forms: Insolvency (noun)


Meaning: Essential
Sounds Like: In_her_grow(th)
Imagine This: A science teacher is teaching her students about nutrition.She is using Katherine as an example,“It is essential in her growth to eat a balanced diet.Vitamins, proteins and fiber are good, and fat is bad.
Remember This: For those math students who know what “integral or “integration are, you know it is an essential part of Calculus!


Meaning: Mediator; go between person
Looks Like: Inter (in-between)_media (i.e., newspaper, book, music, TV)
Remember This: Books are considered an ‘inter-media’ because they deliver the story or message between the author to the reader.In other words, the book acts like a go between person telling the reader the author’s message.
Note: Intermediary can both be used as an adjective or noun.
Other Forms: Intermediary (adjective)
Connect With: Intermediary (adjective)


Meaning: Ceasing for short periods and starting again; not continuously
Looks Like: Intermission
Imagine This: Intermissions often occur in long films, movies, operas, and theatre performances so that the audience can stretch their limbs, go to the washroom, or buy a snack.
Other Forms: Intermittently (adv.); Intermission (noun)


Meaning: Unmanageable; not easily controlled
Looks Like: In(not)_tractable(easily handled)
Imagine This: The wild horse was not tractable because of its unmanageable temper.
Other Forms: Intractability (noun); Intractably (adv.)


Meaning: Relating to the inner nature; inborn; built in
Looks Like: Interests
Imagine This: :Since most people have their own built-in interests, it is difficult to change their thinking or way of doing things.
Other Forms: Intrinsically (adv.)


Meaning: Instinctive, untaught
Sounds Like: Into_a_dive
Imagine This: A lifeguard leaps into a dive to save a drowning swimmer in a swimming pool.News reporters question him afterwards, “What were you thinking at that moment you saw the drowning swimmerThe lifeguard replied, “Nothing, really.It was intuitive for me to leap into a dive to save the swimmer.Anyway, I was trained to do that.
Remember This: Intuit is a well-known software company that developed the popular financial software tools called “Quicken.
Other Forms: Intuition (noun); Intuit (verb)


Meaning: Irritable; short-tempered; easily annoyed
Looks Like: Erasable (can be removed)
Imagine This: The teacher gets annoyed at every little mistake her students make, even mistakes that can be erased and corrected.
Other Forms: Irascibleness (noun); Irascibly (adv.)/p>


Meaning: Hesitant; undetermined; indecisive
Looks Like: Ir(not)_resolute(determined)
Imagine This: The United Nations (UN) hesitate whether to step into the conflict between the United States and Iraq, because the two countries are still fighting and can’t resolve the problem.
Remember This: Ir- ? A prefix meaning not; in, on or upon
Irregular ? Not regular
Irradiate ? Shine upon
Other Forms: Irresoluteness (noun); Irresolutely (adv.)

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