Meaning: Limit to move freely
Sounds Like: Pamper (to treat with extreme indulgence)
Imagine This: Parents who pamper their child too much will limit the child to mature naturally.


Meaning: Without a plan or a direction
Looks Like: Happy_hazard
Imagine This: The teens have a happy time in a party and got drunk. They did not want to lost the direction and become hazards on the road, so they plan to call a taxi.
Other Forms: Haphazardly (adv.); Haphazardness (noun)


Meaning: A lengthy and loud public speech
Sounds Like: Her_rang
Imagine This: Knowing that her speech was long and boring, the professor rang her bell, and she let her students have a short break.
Other Forms: Harangue (verb)


Meaning: A shelter; or a place to give protection
Sounds Like: Harbor (a safe place for ships to dock)
Imagine This: When the storm strike the coast, the coast guard advise all the boats to stay docked inside the harbor.
Remember This: Harboring a fugitive is a violation of law.
Other Forms: Harborage (noun)


Meaning: Able to endure hardship
Sounds Like: Hard_die “ die-hard “ hard to kill
Imagine This: The U.S. Marines are trained to survive in hostile and harsh conditions, they are made to die-hard.
Remember This: To conserve water during the hot summer, it is wise to landscape your yards with “hardy“ plants, which are drought resistant.
Other Forms: Hardiness (noun); Hardily (adv.)


Meaning: To protect against possible loss
Looks Like: Hedge (large coarse bush) Imagine This:There are two neighbors sharing one hedge, which protects the privacy of both parties.
Remember This: In a Roulette game at a casino, one can bet on both odd and even numbers in order to protect oneself against heavy loss.


Meaning: erson who pursues pleasure as a goal
Looks Like: He_done_it
Sounds Like: He_done_it
Imagine This: Two friends are talking about a person who pursues pleasure as a goal.One friend said, “Has he done cruisingThe other friend answered, Sure!He’d done it all.
Other Forms: Hedonism (Noun); Hedonistic (Adjective)


Meaning: Take notice of
Looks Like: Weed
Imagine This: When the farmer went out looking for parasites on his crops, he also noticed that there were many weeds, that he had to think of some way to get rid of them.
Other Forms: Heed (noun)


Meaning: To announce or publicize; foretell; proclaim
Sounds Like: Hair_old;Hero
Imagine This: Ronald is a king and he is announcing to his country that he is getting white hair, which means he is getting old, so someone must take over his position as king soon.
After World War II, U.S. President Truman announced and honored the names of the heroes in the Allied Forces who had fought bravely for victory.


Meaning: Holding a different opinion on doctrine or theory (in religion) that is generally accepted
Looks Like: Hershey (chocolate bar)
Imagine This: Everyone has different opinion on chocolate but in general everyone accept Hershey bars are delicious.
Other Forms: Heretic (noun); Heretical (adj.); Heretically (adv.)


Meaning: A break in continuity; a gap in a series
Looks Like: Hi_at_us
Sounds Like: Hi_at_us
Imagine This: The two students stopped talking to each other when the principal walked by and said, “Hi! to both of them.


Meaning: A system in which authority is ranked from the lowest to the highest
Sounds Like: Higher_arch
Imagine This: The president and his top advisors make up the higher arch of the government.
Other Forms: Hierarchical (adj.)


Meaning: Honor; tribute; respect
Looks Like: Home_age
Imagine This: When people aged it is an honor of their old age to stay home and get taken care of.

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