Meaning: Distort the meaning of a statement or fact by only selecting certain part
Looks Like: Gabble (speak quickly)
Imagine This: Tom gabbled his speech and distorted part of its meaning.
Other Forms: Garble (verb); Garbler (noun)


Meaning: Showy; over-decorated
Sounds Like: Garnish (decorate food)
Imagine This: The chef over-garnished the chicken entrée with flowers that it looks like a showy bouquet.
Other Forms: Garishly (adj.); Garishness (noun)


Meaning: Store up; gather
Sounds Like: Gardener
Imagine This: A gardener store up assortment of fruits and vegetables from her garden by canning.
Other Forms: Garner (noun)


Meaning: Talkative; wordy; chatty
Sounds Like: Gary_rules
Imagine This: Gary, the teacher, thought of a very effective rule for talkative students.They will be asked to recite aloud an essay repeatedly in an empty classroom for an hour after school.
Other Forms: Garrulity (noun)


Meaning: Sociable; hospitable; friendly
Sounds Like: Gentle
Imagine This: A friendly and sociable gentleman talking with his friends while enjoying the warm and gentle early morning sun.
Other Forms: Geniality (noun); genially (adv.)


Meaning: Circumference
Sounds Like: Earth
Imagine This: Scientists measure the circumference of the earth by using satellite and a special computer.


Meaning: Living in groups; fond of company
Looks Like: Greg_(v)arious
Imagine This: Greg is fond of company and he loves to live with a group of people who can share various interests with him.
Other Forms: Gregariously (adv.); Gregariousness (noun)

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