Meaning: Deceptive; misleading
Sounds Like: Follow_us
Imagine This: The scam artists pretended to be tour guides and made the tourists follow them into an alley where they were robbed.
Other Forms: Fallacy (noun); Fallaciously (adv.)


Meaning: Fussy; hard to please; meticulous
Looks Like: Fast_tedious
Imagine This: Don is very demanding and is hard to please; he likes tedious job done fast, and to perfection, therefore he has a hard time to find workers.
Other Forms: Fastidiousness (noun); Fastidiously (adv.)


Meaning: Pretend; to put on a false appearance
Looks Like: Foreign
Sounds Like: Vein
Imagine This: A boy is showing off how he can pump his muscles to show his veins.“That’s no vein! cried a girl, “you drew them with a coloring markers.Stop pretending!
Remember This: Roman once said, “If you are in a foreign country, it will be wise to follow its culture and abide to its regulations and customs.In other words, you have to pretend to be one of them.


Meaning: Eagerness; earnestness; enthusiasm
Looks Like: Firhur (means the leader in Germany)
Remember This: Adolf Hilter, the Firhur, was known to have a strong eagerness for getting rid of the Jews during World War II.
Other Forms: Fervidness (noun); Fervidly (adv.)


Meaning: Often changing; unstable
Sounds Like: Freckle (a brownish spot on the skin)
Imagine This: Freckles are often changing where they will surface, sometime on the face, sometime on the chin, and sometime on the forehead.
Other Forms: Fickleness (noun)
Connect With: Fickleness (noun)


Meaning: Flabby; limp; soft
Looks Like: Fly_in_acid
Imagine This: When a fly is put into acid, it partially dissolves and becomes soft and finally turns into a mush.
Remember This: If you drink beer often and never exercise, you may develop a flaccid belly.


Meaning: Glaring; scandalous; conspicuous; outrageous
Sounds Like: Fragrant (sweet-smelling)
Imagine This: The tempting fragrance of the baked goods lured the dieting man to consume all the rich pastries.It is a glaring error!
Other Forms: Flagrantly (adv.); Flagrancy (noun)


Meaning: An inexperienced person
Sounds Like: Fledgeling ? a young bird
Imagine This: A mother bird wants her fledgelings learn how to fly.The only way to make them learn is to push the young birds out of the nest.


Meaning: Disrespect; lacking in seriousness
Sounds Like: Flip_Nancy
Imagine This: After getting caught cheating by Nancy, the English teacher, the boy wanted to hurt her by flipping his middle finger at her.As a result, he got detention after school.
Remember This: As a driving student, we should respect the road signs to prevent unnecessary accidents.
Other Forms: Flippant (adj.); Flippancy (adv.)


Meaning: Rich in ornament and color; reddish complexion
Looks Like: Florida
Remember This: People in Florida decorate their houses with flowers of rich colors because they are in a sunny state.


Meaning: To stir into action; rouse; incite
Looks Like: Foam_ment
Imagine This: Before you drink a cup of hot chocolate with foamy whip cream topping, you need to stir down the foam to make the drink tastes better.
Other Forms: Fomentation (noun)


Meaning: Direct; without hesitation; straight forward
Looks Like: Forth (4th )_right
Imagine This: Sammy, a three-year-old, can tell you how to get to the post office from his house without hesitation, “ It is at the 4th right corner.


Meaning: Economical; not wasteful
Sounds Like: Fruit_go
Imagine This: Being not wasteful the old lady pick up discounted, bruised fruits from the produce store to make pies. Remember This:The “Frugal Gourmet (TV cooking show) shows the chef using all types of inexpensive ingredients to make very delicious dishes.
Other Forms: Frugality (noun), Frugally (adverb)


Meaning: Crafty; cunning
Sounds Like: Fur_natives
Imagine This: In order to get otter’s fur, the natives have to be very quiet and camouflage in order not to scare the animal away.
Remember This: Fumigate (apply fume to kill termites)
Other Forms: Furtiveness (noun); Furtively (adv.)


Meaning: Worthless; unproductive; unsuccessful
Looks Like: Fertile
Imagine This: The farmer tried to make his farmland fertile, by laying a layer of chicken manure on top of it, but it was blown away by the wind.The farmer’s attempt was unsuccessful.
Remember This: A constructor is very sad because he has only few tiles left to finish his half-done project.It’s worthless!
Other Forms: Futilely (adv.); Futility (noun)

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