Meaning: Wipe out
Looks Like: Deface (To mar or spoil the appearance or surface; disfigure)
Remember This: A new law is passed to punish those who deface the sound walls and overpasses with graffiti along the freeways.Those who are caught spray painting on the walls will be asked by the Judge of the Juvenile Court to perform the laborious task of wiping out the graffiti completely.


Meaning: Full of life or excitement
Sounds Like: Ever_fluorescent (bright neon light)
Imagine This: The many ever running varieties of fluorescent lights in Las Vegas, it’s name famous all over the world for being the most exciting and full of life casino resort.
Other Forms: Effervescent (adj.); Effervescently (adv.)


Meaning: Joyful; excited
Looks Like: Elevated (raise)
Imagine This: A businessman was extremely happy when his manager raised his salary.
Other Forms: Elation (noun)


Meaning: Choosing from many different sources; carefully selected
Sounds Like: Electric
Remember This: Today in U.S., we have to choose carefully among different electric utility companies to supply your home with electricity.It can be generated from different natural sources, like hydro-power, wind power and solar power.
Other Forms: Eclectically (adv.); Eclecticism (noun)


Meaning: Skillful use of language to move the audiences
Sounds Like: Elegant
Imagine This: Princess Diana wore elegant dresses and also gave powerful and compassionate speeches.She will always be remembered as a “people princess.
Other Forms: Eloquent (adj.);


Meaning: Add details to make beautiful
Looks Like: Embalm (preserve a corpse or dead body)
Imagine This: The embalmer has to put make-up on the dead bodies to make them look good for the funeral service.
Other Forms: Embellishment (noun)


Meaning: Uttered with emphasis; felt or done with emphasis
Sounds Like: Them_fat_ticks
Imagine This: After going to camp for a weekend, Rick uttered with great emphasis, while scratching his leg, “Them fat ticks? They were SO FAT!Fat ticks I tell you!
Other Forms: Emphasis (noun); Emphasize (verb); Emphatically (adv.)


Meaning: To copy and try to do better
Looks Like: Mutate
Imagine This: Dr. Emu tried to copy other scientist’s way to clone sheep, but failed and was left with a mutated four legged beast.
Remember This: Intel-based PC normally would not be able to run Apple-based software programs, and vice vesa.However, Apple’s latest Power PC can emulate (or copy) the Intel-based PC and make it more versatile.
Other Forms: Emulation (noun)


Meaning: Generally occurring in a certain area or group, usually refer to disease
Looks Like: Academic
Imagine This: Nerds are a particular group of students who only focus on achieving high academic scores, and are usually not sociable.
Other Forms: Endemically (adv.); Endemicity (noun); Endemism (noun)


Meaning: Sign on the back of a document; approve
Remember This: You always have to sign or endorse at the back of the check before you can cash it.
Other Forms: Endorsable (adj.); Endorsee (noun); Endorser (noun)


Meaning: Wear out; make weak, especially in physical strength
Looks Like: Energy_ate
Remember This: Won’t you be weakened if the germs wear out your energy away?
Other Forms: Enervation (noun)


Meaning: A person or an act not easily understood; brain-twister
Looks Like: Engine_ma (mother); Egg_ma
Imagine This: It still remains a brain-twister on who is the mother (or inventor) of engines.
A curious young lad was puzzled about what was inside an egg so he asked his mother to crack it open for him to see.
Other Forms: Enigmatic (adj.)


Meaning: Hostility
Looks Like: Enemy
Sounds Like: Enemy
Imagine This: The hostility among two countries led them into wars.


Meaning: Last only for a short time; short lived
Sounds Like: The_moral
Imagine This: A young boy learned the moral behind the fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare while his grandmother read it to him, but after a few days he forgot it. Remember This:In the Bible, Paul constantly wrote to the Ephesians to remind them to keep their faith in God and not to let their good morals short lived.
Other Forms: Ephemerally (adv.)


Meaning: Knowledge obtained by learning; know-how; expertise
Looks Like: The_edition
Imagine This: After the scientists gathering years of learning about snakes in the desert, they wrote an encyclopedia on snakes that had many subsequent editions.
Remember This: Erudite is a Greek philosopher who had a lot of knowledge through many years of study.
Other Forms: Erudite (adj.); Eruditely (adv.)


Meaning: Unearthly; celestial; godly
Sounds Like: Either_real
Imagine This: Calvin, a famous priest, saw a celestial figure in the sky, and concluded either it was an angel or a vision of God.
Other Forms: Etherealness (noun); Ethereally (adv.)


Meaning: To exalt those who have passed away (usually during a funeral)
Sounds Like: You_(apo)logize
Imagine This: Accidentally, a boxer was killed by his opponent during a match.His opponent apologized when he delivered the eulogy in the boxer’s funeral.
Other Forms: Eulogy (noun); Eulogistic (adj.)


Meaning: To make worse; aggravate
Sounds Like: Accelerate
Imagine This: Instead of trying to apply the brake to slow down the car, the driver press the gas pedal and caused the car to accelerate, causing unnecessary death in the accident.
Remember This: You will usually make the situation worse by accelerating the car in time of trouble.
Other Forms: Exacerbation (noun)


Meaning: To praise highly
Sounds Like: Egg_salt
Imagine This: The egg dish, with few grains of salt added to it, was praised highly by the judge in the Healthy Cooking Contest.
Remember This: The man who is brave enough to risk his life to save the children from the fire is exalted by his neighbors.


Meaning: To wipe out or erase something
Sounds Like: As_sponge
Imagine This: To erase away pencil mark with an eraser is just as easy as to wipe out tomato sauce with a sponge.


Meaning: To take out improper parts from a book
Looks Like: Ex-purge (to make clean or pure)
Imagine This: The radio station purged the swearing off many songs because they did not want its bad influence on their young audiences.
Other Forms: Expurgation (noun); expurgatory (adj.)


Meaning: Made without preparation or study
Sounds Like: Ex_temporary (ex=former)
Imagine This: The ex-temporary secretary, Ms. Messy, was asked not to come back to the office again because she usually did things without planning and made a lot of silly mistakes.
Remember This: Temporary personnel agencies are becoming popular to help companies fill office positions on a temporary basis.The main drawback of hiring a temporary office worker is that they are typically lack of experience and commitment.
Other Forms: Extemporaneously (adv.)


Meaning: Praise
Sounds Like: Ex_tall ? Extra_tall
Imagine This: Won’t you feel “extra-tall (a feeling of pride and on top of everybody) when your teacher praises you in front of the class?
Other Forms: Extolment (noun)


Meaning: Not related to the matter; not essential
Sounds Like: Extra_news
Imagine This: An extra column of comic is added onto the newspaper appealed to comic readers but were not essential to others who only read the news, business or sports sections.
Other Forms: Extraneously (adv.); Extraneousness (noun)


Meaning: To release from difficulty
Sounds Like: Extra_kite
Remember This: While flying a kite up on the mountain, Sue spotted a tangled kite on the branches; she released it and gained an extra kite.
Other Forms: Extrication (noun); Extricable (adj.)


Meaning: Overjoyed; high-spirited
Sounds Like: Sue_barren
Imagine This: Sue who inherited a piece of barren land from her parents few years ago, became extremely joyful when an investor is willing to pay her five million dollars for it.
Other Forms: Exuberance (noun); Exuberantly (adv.)

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