Meaning: To discourage; to frighten
Looks Like: To discourage; to frighten
Imagine This: Won’t you be discouraged and frightened if you have bought a haunted house“
Other Forms: Daunt (verb); Dauntless (adjective)


Meaning: Scarcity; lack; rare
Looks Like: D_earth (dead earth)
Imagine This: Scientists have found a new planet, which is very similar to Earth, except it lacks oxygen.Without oxygen, nothing can live.They call it D-Earth meaning Dead Earth.


Meaning: Cultural and moral decline
Looks Like: De_cadetDe- “ A prefix meaning away or down;De_cadet “ Away from cadet
Imagine This: Cadets (at West Point) usually are associated with high moral standards.Therefore, de-cadet is parting away from the high moral standards.
Other Forms: Decadent (adjective); Decadently (adverb)


Meaning: To attack someone’s good reputation
Sounds Like: De _fameDe- “A prefix meaning away or down ;Fame “Famous
Remember This: One’s reputation can easily be ruined by rumors.
Other Forms: Defamation (noun); Defamatory (adjective)
Connect With: Defamation (noun); Defamatory (adjective)


Meaning: The act of submission to the opinions of another; respect
Looks Like: Defer_ence; Defer “ Meaningto yield or give in; -ence “ A suffix forming nouns meaning a way of acting
Sounds Like: Difference
Imagine This: You may have a different opinion than your boss, but at the end you follow his suggestions; you must submit out of respect for him.
Other Forms: Defer (verb); deferential (adjective)


Meaning: To challenge or dare
Sounds Like: De(the)_fly
Imagine This: A crazy fly is challenging mother nature by demonstrating that gravity has no effect on him.Thus it takes off without using its wings.Other flies nearby are exclaiming, “How daring that the fly is defyingmother nature!
Connect With:


Meaning: To describe; to portray; describe with accuracy
Sounds Like: Deli_ye_ate “ Deli_you_ate
Remember This: When you order a sandwich in the deli, you need to describe in detail the combination of condiments like mustard, pepper, ketchup, type of cheese…to put onto the sandwich.
Other Forms: Delineator (noun)


Meaning: Death; end or failure
Looks Like: De_ice $rarr;Melting the ice that was accumulated on the wings of a plane, to reduce weight, before take-off
Sounds Like: De (the)_mice
Imagine This: Beth is at her friend’s pet mice’s funeral. She says with a horrible accent, “De death of de pet mice lead to demise of your friend’s liveliness.
Remember This: Many years ago during a snowy morning, a plane crashed in Washington D.C. causing many deaths because the plane was not properly de-iced.
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Meaning: To speak against someone publicly
Looks Like: De _announce ; De “ Down Announce “ Declare, proclaim or make known; De _announce “ To talk down on an announcement“ To criticize or condemn
Sounds Like: The_nouns
Imagine This: To severely criticize someone, one must use an adjective, like bad, as well as the nouns like, boys, or the sentence won’t make sense.
Other Forms: Denunciation (noun)


Meaning: Use up; exhaust; empty out
Remember This: The ozone layer is depleted, which allows more harmful UV light from the sun to reach us.As a result, more people are expected to develop skin cancer.This is the reason why we have strict air pollution regulations including “feron-free air conditioning for automobiles.
Other Forms: Depletion (noun)


Meaning: To grieve for; to regret
Looks Like: De_explore
Imagine This: he White House complained and criticized Ken Starr’s independent investigation on exploring into President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair.
Other Forms: Deplorable (adjective)


Meaning: To remove from a throne or other higher position
Sounds Like: Dispose;The_pose (to assume and keep an attitude, such as the model posed for a long time without movement in front of the photographer)
Imagine This: A king keeps his power and authority only if he has the right pose.If he doesn’t keep the pose, he will be removed from his throne.
Remember This: The garbage disposal in the kitchen sink grinds and gets rid of the stuff in the sink quickly.(But watch out for your fingers!)


Meaning: To express disapprove
Looks Like: Depreciate “ Reduce in value
Imagine This: The company’s board of directors disapproved the president’s proposal to spend more money on Research and Development, because the cash reserve has depreciated to a very low level.
Other Forms: Deprecatory (adjective)


Meaning: To mock; to make fun of
Sounds Like: The_ride
Imagine This: Bob’s friends are making fun of a picture of Bob taken in a roller coaster.Bob’s face was pale and he was vomiting while the picture was taken.Bob explains to his friends, “Stop making fun of me!It was THE RIDE!It was so scary!
Other Forms: Derisive (adjective)


Meaning: Treat something usually sacred with disrespect
Sounds Like: That’s_a_crate
Imagine This: A father sees his naughty boy fooling around with a religious artifact, “Don’t treat that with disrespect!The boy replies “But that’s only a crate!
Remember This: Crate “ A large case made of wooden slats, used for shipping goods overseas


Meaning: A drying agent; a dehydrant
Sounds Like: That’s_a_can
Imagine This: A young kid is looking at his mother doing the laundry with the dryer but only sees it as a large white can.The mother puts the wet clothes into the ‘can’, and surprisingly, after a while, the clothes are all dry!The kid thinks to himself, “I think the machine is a drying agent.It makes the clothes dry.Yes!But that’s a can.Oh, I understand now…The can dries the clothes.
Other Forms: Desiccate (verb)


Meaning: Having loss of hope
Looks Like: De_respond_ent De_respond “ away_respond-ent; A suffix meaning full of
Imagine This: Won’t you feel hopeless if no one responds to your 911 call, while your kitchen is on fire “
Other Forms: Despondency (noun); Despondently (adverb)


Meaning: An absolute ruler
Sounds Like: De_sport “ against_sport
Imagine This: There was once a school principle who insisted on a lot of homework but against sporting activities for his students.He is indeed a tyrant.
Other Forms: Desportism (noun); despotic (adjective)


Meaning: Lacking of the necessity of life, like food, shelter or clothing
Looks Like: De_institute
Imagine This: Institutes are big companies or organizations, usually own a lot of assets (i.e. money).De_institute means the opposite, which is the lack of necessity of life.
Other Forms: Destitution (noun)


Meaning: Without system or purpose; unorganized
Looks Like: De_result_ory -ory “ A suffix meaning concerned with or a place for
Imagine This: If you do not concern about the progress of a plan, the result will usually be terrible.
Other Forms: Desultorily (adverb); desultoriness (noun)


Meaning: To get away from the main subject
Looks Like: Di_progress
Imagine This: If you are defocus and constantly move away from the main subject during your study, you are getting away from making progress.
Other Forms: Digression (noun); Digressive (adjective); Digressively (adverb)


Meaning: Causing delay
Sounds Like: Dilate_tory
Imagine This: The doctor dilates your eye in order to examine inside the eye.After your eye is dilated, it delays the eye to get back to normal.
Other Forms: Dilatory (adverb)


Meaning: Hardworking
Sounds Like: Deli_gent “ Deli_gentleman
Imagine This: The owner of the deli shows care and hard work to operate the shop.Customers call him the Deli Gentleman because he is also very caring and gentle just like a gentleman.
Other Forms: Diligence (noun)


Meaning: A lack of harmony; disagreement
Looks Like: Dis_(ac)cord “ not_in harmony or agreement; Dis_ A prefix meaning not or apart
Remember This: Accord “ A popular Japanese car model, meaning harmony.
Other Forms: Discordant (adjective); Discordantly (adverb)


Meaning: A speech or lecture
Looks Like: Disclosure (To make known or open to view; expose)
Imagine This: The professors disclosed information about their research findings and exchange ideas with their students during lecture.
Other Forms: Discourse (verb)


Meaning: To harm or lose reputation of; dishonor or disgrace
Sounds Like: Dis_credit “ Dis (not)_Store credit
Imagine This: The mean store clerk would not give a customer their credit back deliberately. They argued so loud that everyone in the store was looking at them.He had lost his reputation.


Meaning: To talk down; depreciate; belittle
Looks Like: Disparity (meaning different);Asparagus (the vegetable)
Sounds Like: This_garbage
Imagine This: When the garbage company went on strike, garbage piled up and start to smell, customers started to complain and talk down on the company.
If your boss always boss you around, won’t you feel you are being belittled.
Other Forms: Disparaging (adj.); Disparagingly (adv.)


Meaning: Different
Sounds Like: This_parrot
Imagine This: A parrot that can add and subtract numbers is different from an ordinary parrot that just mimic other’s voice.
Other Forms: Disparity (noun); Disparately (adv.)


Meaning: Having a different opinion
Sounds Like: Decent (proper; suitable)
Imagine This: I disagree with my father that it is not decent to wear jeans to a formal party.
Other Forms: Dissent (noun); Dissension (noun)


Meaning: Break down; bringing to an end
Looks Like: Dissolve
Sounds Like: This_solution
Imagine This: When a sugar cube is dropped into a pot of boiling water, it dissolves into the water quickly.
Other Forms: Dissolve (verb)


Meaning: Stretch out or expand
Imagine This: While Ryan doing a bunny-hop on his BMX bike, he twisted his leg and his tendon started to expand (swollen) immediately.
Other Forms: Distend (verb); Distension (noun); Distention (noun)


Meaning: Separating, moving in different directions
Sounds Like: Dive_urgent
Imagine This: Two rescue divers were urgently dived into the pool to save someone reported drowning.They couldn’t find the person, so they separated and went in different directions to cover more area in less time.
Other Forms: Diverge (verb), Divergence (noun)
Connect With: Diverge (verb), Divergence (noun)


Meaning: Insisting on one’s opinion without proofs; pushy
Looks Like: Dog_mat(ic)
Imagine This:
Remember This: Anti-flea collar for dogs and cats is ineffective to keep ut fleas out.


Meaning: Sad; depressed
Sounds Like: Dole_full
Imagine This: Bob Dole was extremely sad and tearful when he lost the election to Bill Clinton


Meaning: Stupid person
Looks Like: Don’t
Sounds Like: “Doh from Homer Simpson
Imagine This: Homer acts like a stupid person because he always says “doh.
Stupid people always don’t know whether they should do this or that, because they are afraid of making mistakes.


Meaning: Not actively growing or functioning; asleep; inactive
Sounds Like: Dorm_ant; Door_man “ Doormen
Imagine This: Dorm ants, living in a comfortable full-service dormitory, are usually lazy and inactive.
The Doormen standing in front of those run-down hotels are usually not very active.They fall to sleep easily because there are very few customers.
Other Forms: Dormancy (noun)


Meaning: Sullen, gloomy, stern, hard
Looks Like: Sour
Sounds Like: De(the)_hour
Imagine This: The clock is approaching midnight.“The hour has come, the executioner told the death-row inmate to go into the gas chamber.At that point, the inmate felt everything becoming gloomy.
Sour dough bread is usually hard to swallow.


Meaning: Sneakiness; deceit; deliberate deception
Looks Like: Duplicate_city
Imagine This: A small city called “Duplicate city clones it’s people so that it’s enemies are deliberately deceived that the city population is very large in order to avoid being attacked.

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