Meaning: Unpleasant mixture of sounds; harsh noise; discord
Looks Like: Coca_phony ? Coca-Cola Symphony
Imagine This: There was once a “side-walk,” symphony that used a number of Coca-Cola cans filled with different levels of Coke and used them as musical instruments.Imagine how unpleasant the noise would be!
Remember This: Cacophonous (adjective); Cacophonously (adverb)
Note: Cacophony is opposite to “Consonance” Blending of sounds


Meaning: To deceive by flattery; to coax
Sounds Like: Cage_Joe
Imagine This: Joe, a famous magician, visually deceives his audience by making the lion disappear from his cage, but in reality it is just hidden under the cage.
Other Forms: Cajolery (noun)


Meaning: Openness; straight forwardness
Sounds Like: Can_do
Imagine This: If you are very eager to get a summer job, you should have a ‘can do’ attitude during the job interview.Instead of saying “I can do this and I can do that…” you should be open and straightforward about your actual skills and technical capabilities.
Other Forms: Candid (adjective); Candidly (adverb)


Meaning: Hard or irritating to deal with
Sounds Like: Can_tanker_us
Imagine This: A large family is going on a vacation, but doesn’t have any space left in the family car, so the father rents a can tanker to hook to the back of the family car.Three of his children are assigned to ride in the tanker, but they didn’t like it because there was no air conditioning.They screamed and complained, making their father very angry.“Stop being so irritating!“ cried the father.
Remember This: Tanker ? Vehicle or vessel with tanks for transporting liquid, like oil.


Meaning: Able to hold much
Looks Like: Spacious;Capacity ? The ability to hold
Sounds Like: Ca(California)_spacious ? California_spacious
Imagine This: California is a spacious state
Other Forms: Capaciously (adverb)


Meaning: Surrender : yield to an enemy on conditions agreed upon
Sounds Like: Capital_ate
Imagine This: When the U.S. army finally captured Berlin, the German capital.Germany was surrendered.The entire population in the capital was starving badly and they ate rats to survive.


Meaning: Unpredicatable; controlled by whims
Looks Like: Ca_prices ? California_prices
Imagine This: California’s fruit and vegetable prices are unpredictable each season due to the unpredictable weather.
Remember This: California, the Golden State, is usually associated with fine weather and all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Other Forms: Capriciously (adverb); Caprice (noun)


Meaning: Punish severely; criticize severely
Sounds Like: Cast_the_gate
Imagine This: John accidentally bumped his head against the gate; he got so mad that he cast (threw) a stone at the gate.
Remember This: The brutal act of the crime was criticized severely by the public and the criminal was punished with a life sentence.


Meaning: Swiftness; fast
Looks Like: Celebrity (famous persons such as movie stars and athletes)
Imagine This: Celebrities, such as Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice, usually like driving fast and expensive sports cars such as the Porsche.
Remember This: Chevrolet once had a car model called the “Celerity“. It had a V8 engine and could go very fast.
Connect With:


Meaning: Disapprove; criticize; fault-finding
Sounds Like: Censor ( An official authorized to examine movies, news and printed matter)
Remember This: Movie ratings are determined by a panel of judges who watch and critique every inch of the film clip before final approval for general audience viewing.Certain scenes, which are disapproved of, will be cut.
Other Forms: Censorious (adjective); Censoriously (adverb)


Meaning: Imposter (one who assumes an identity or title to deceive others)
Sounds Like: Char_latin ?Character_Latin
Imagine This: A film director is in need of a character that speaks Latin.Martin applies for that character role, but the director refuses to accept him saying, “You imposter!You can’t speak Latin at all!I need a Latin speaking character!“


Looks Like: Char (burned to charcoal or scorch)
Sounds Like: Cherry
Imagine This: When eating cherries, you must be cautious not to eat the pits.
When BBQ the meat, you have to be cautious to prevent it from becoming charred or burnt.
Other Forms: Chariness (noun); Charily (adverb)


Meaning: To discipline or punish for the purpose of making better
Sounds Like: Chase_him
Imagine This: The man chased after his son and tried to punish and discipline him due to his skipping classes and poor grades in school.
Connect With:


Meaning: Punish by scolding or beating
Sounds Like: Chase_it
Imagine This: The man was mad and punished his cat by chasing after it because it urinated on the carpet.
Other Forms: Chastisement (noun)
Connect With: Chastisement (noun)


Meaning: Trickery (scheme to deceive; prank; deceptive)
Sounds Like: Chick (chicken)_canary (small songbird)
Imagine This: Jeremy is teasing his younger brother.“I’ll bet you a dollar that you don’t know what the difference is between a chick and a canary.“The younger brother puzzled then replied, “Hmmm, I don’t know.Okay, you win the bet.Here’s a dollar.So what is the difference”“I don’t know.Look in the dictionary!“ “You’re such a tricky person!”


Meaning: Anger
Sounds Like: Collar
Remember This: In Ring-Around-The-Collar TV commercial,it shows a housewife is angry with the stubborn stain on the collar of her husband’s shirt until the advertised detergent is used.
Other Forms: Choleric (adjective)


Meaning: Draw a line around;to confine
Sounds Like: Circum_scribe Circum ? A prefix meaning aroundScribe ? To draw
Imagine This: The teacher punished the naughty student by drawing a circle in the playground, and instructed him to confine (stay) inside the circle for one hour after school.
Remember This: Circumscribe relates to circles, i.e., round shapes.
Other Forms: Circumscription (noun)


Meaning: Cautious
Sounds Like: Circum (around)_spect (inspect)
Remember This: This:The bomb squads usually walk around and inspect the suspected object cautiously at a distance before disarming the bomb.
Other Forms: Circumspectly (adverb); Circumspection (noun)


Meaning: Mercy; pity; kindness
Sounds Like: Kiln (furnace)_mercy
Remember This: The convicted killer was anxiously waiting for the mercy from the king to avoid the kiln (furnace) execution.
Other Forms: Clement (adjective)


Meaning: Small exclusive group of people
Looks Like: Clinique (a famous brand of lady’s cosmetic)
Sounds Like: Click
Imagine This: Only a small exclusive group of women in Japan use Clinique because it can only be bought in America.
There is a small exclusive group of people where they communicate by making clicking sounds like insects.


Meaning: A convent or monastery; isolated from the outside world
Sounds Like: Closed_oyster
Imagine This: When the oyster becomes tired of his surroundings, it can simply close its shell to isolate itself from the outside world.


Meaning: A convent or monastery; isolated from the outside world
Sounds Like: Closed_oyster
Imagine This: When the oyster becomes tired of his surroundings, it can simply close its shell to isolate itself from the outside world.


Meaning: To grow together; unite into one body
Sounds Like: Coal_less (run out)
Imagine This: During the winter months in World War II, the Russian soldiers needed to huddle together to stay warm before their coal supply ran out.
Other Forms: Coalescent (adjective); Coalescence (noun)


Meaning: Union; combination; temporary alliance
Sounds Like: Collision
Imagine This: When cars get into a high speed collision, the metals seem to merge together to form one (union) big piece of scrap metal.


Meaning: Force someone to do something against his/her will
Looks Like: Course
Imagine This: When the new cadets refused to go through the obstacle course during the rainy day, the army’s drill sergeant forced and threatened them with his 45.
Other Forms: Coercion (noun); Coercive (adjective); Coercively (adverb)


Meaning: To compare carefully to learn the difference between the copies; arrange pages in proper sequence
Sounds Like: Coal_ate (eat)
Imagine This: When Weirdo eats “coal“, he has to compare the many different brands really carefully to find the best tasting “coal“.
Remember This: Some high end copying machines have a collate feature which helps to sort out the separate copies of multiple pages.
Other Forms: Collator (noun)


Meaning: To influence, affect or alter
Looks Like: Colors (like red, yellow, blue)
Imagine This: A psychiatrist asks his patient, “What is the one thing that has influenced or affected your life the most”The patient replies, “It has to be color.Without color, my life would be black and white!It would be very dull!Colors (a noun) have colored (a verb) my life!”
Remember This: Colors can usually influence the mood of a person.The walls in a psychiatric ward are usually painted pink to influence the mood of the patients to make them more mellow and less violent
Note: Color, when used to describe the physical looks, i.e., blue, red, is a noun.But when used as a verb, it means to influence.


Meaning: To urge forcefully or irresistibly
Looks Like: Come_pal (friend)
Imagine This: Rose is forcefully urging her female pal to go to a concert with her.She keeps on saying, “Come, pal!You’re my best pal, aren’t you” while dragging her along.
Other Forms: Compelling (adjective)


Meaning: Self-satisfied; self-important
Sounds Like: Come_place_cent
Imagine This: When the worshippers go to the temple, they place a cent on the bronze Buddha’s belly, hoping that their wishes will be satisfied.The worshippers usually only care about their own needs and show no concern for others.
A miser places a cent into the beggar’s hat and feeling very generous he walks away with a self-satisfied smile.
Other Forms: Complacence (noun); Complacency (noun)


Meaning: Accept; admit; allow; surrender
Sounds Like: Con_cedeCon- ? A prefix meaning together cede ? To give up or surrender
Imagine This: During the 1996 election when most votes were counted, Bob Dole admitted that he was surrendered and congratulated Bill Clinton in his concession speech.
Note: -ced(e) ? A suffix meaning to yield
Other Forms: Concession (noun)


Meaning: Making peace, attempting to solve a dispute through goodwill
Looks Like: Reconciliation (to restore peace and friendship after disagreement)
Sounds Like: Come_silly_attorney
Imagine This: A very humorous attorney specializes in making peace between arguments and disputes.Everyone knows he is good at his job, but he always jokes in court, so whenever he is hired for a case, the client says, “Come silly attorney!It’s time to make peace…“


Meaning: To excuse; to forgive an offense
Sounds Like: Con (against)_done ? not_done
Imagine This: Students who have not done their homework on time would like their teachers to excuse or forgive them.


Meaning: To confuse; to mix up
Sounds Like: Con (against)_found ?not_found
Imagine This: If a drug addict does not find a way to quit his bad habit, his mind will be all mixed up and confused.Worst of all, he could end up dead.
Other Forms: Confounded (adjective); Confoundedly (adverb)


Meaning: Harmony; agreement
Looks Like: Resonance (a round, full vibrating quality of sound)
Remember This: A blending of sound will lead to resonance with harmony, e.g., wind chimes.
Other Forms: Consonant (adjective)


Meaning: Standing out very noticeably; obvious
Sounds Like: Come_spit_you_us
Remember This: In Singapore, all the cities and villages are very clean, disciplined and orderly.The government also has tough laws against misconduct.If anyone spits in public, he or she will be very noticeable, and could be sentenced to jail or fined a lot of money.


Meaning: To complete fully and perfectly
Looks Like: Consommé (clear, meat soup)
Imagine This: When we have a cold, we finish drinking bowls of chicken consommé to the last drop.
Remember This: Consume ? Complete fully
Other Forms: Consummation (noun); Consummative (adjective); Consummately (adverb)


Meaning: Poison, disease spread by contact
Sounds Like: Contain_gin (alcohol)
Remember This: Gin is clear liquor flavored with juniper berries.Gin itself is not poisonous.But taking drinks, containing gin with any medicine is dangerous because the two will be mixed into a poison in our body. .
Other Forms: Contagious (adjective)


Meaning: To struggle and compete in a fight or competition
Sounds Like: Content (satisfied)
Imagine This: A boxer will not be content until he defeats his opponent and wins the championship.
Other Forms: Contender (noun)


Meaning: Feeling remorse or sorry for wrongdoing
Looks Like: Contribute (donate)
Imagine This: A rich old man, dying of cancer, was sorry that he did not contribute to the needy and the poor while he was young and healthy.Instead he wasted his entire fortune gambling and doing drugs.After all, he couldn’t take his possessions along with him when he died.
Remember This: We should be generous towards those who are needy.You will feel happy and satisfied to see them being taken care of.
Other Forms: Contrition (noun)


Meaning: A puzzling question; a riddle
Sounds Like: Corn_and_drum
Imagine This: Long ago, in a parade, a school band puzzled the audience because its drummer used corn cobs instead of drum sticks (not the chicken drumstick!)It remains a mystery why the sound of the drum was so good…do you know why ?


Meaning: Festive; fond of feasting
Sounds Like: Carnival (a cruise line designed for pleasure)
Imagine This: People who go on the Carnival Cruise are looking for a festive vacation – fun, good food and a lot of social activities.
Other Forms: Conviviality (noun); Convivially (adverb)


Meaning: Plentiful
Looks Like: Coping
Sounds Like: Copy us
Imagine This: An advanced photocopy machine can copy large amounts of documents in a very short time.Pressing the special button labeled ‘Copy Us’ starts the process.
It takes plenty of energy and time for someone to copewith the harsh environment in the Arctic.
Other Forms: Copiousness (noun)
Connect With: Copiousness (noun)


Meaning: Sincere and warm
Looks Like: Cordial ? A sweetened liquor
Imagine This: After the New Year’s Eve dinner, many guests were extremely happy and welcomed each other (again!) because they drank too much cordial.How friendly!
Other Forms: Cordiality (noun); Cordially (adverb)


Meaning: Related to the body; material; physical
Looks Like: Corporal (having to do with the body)
Remember This: In Singapore, people who graffiti in public places will result in corporal punishment, that is caning (beating with a cane). Connect With:What do the following have in common? Corporation? Body of people,Corpse ? A dead body,Corpulent? Having a large overweight body


Meaning: To confirm or to give support to a belief or a statement
Sounds Like: Co_robber_ate (a group of_robber_ate)
Imagine This: A group of robbers was caught celebrating in a restaurant after robbing a bank.During interrogation by the detective, each of the robbers said they were celebrating a birthday party.Do you believe them?
Note: This word is usually used to describe courtroom testimony or evidence.
Other Forms: Corroboration (noun); Corroborative (adjective)


Meaning: Deserving blame; guilty
Looks Like: Cult_able
Remember This: Cults are usually blamed and found guilty for doing things in radical ways.
Other Forms: Culpability (noun); Culpably (adverb)
Connect With: Culpability (noun); Culpably (adverb)


Meaning: Greed for gain, especially for property or money
Looks Like: Cupid (the Roman God of love, who shoots arrows of love);Stupidity
Imagine This: Once upon a time, there was a very greedy and wicked man who asked the cupid to lead him to those old, but rich, single women.
It is stupidity to gain all the wealth in the world but lose your life.


Meaning: To work in a hurry without paying attention to details
Looks Like: Cursor (the prompt or pointer on the computer monitor)
Imagine This: For those who ‘surf’ the Internet, you probably read things on the monitor carelessly by scrolling the mouse cursor quickly to skim through all the junk mail.

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