Meaning: Destructive; harmful
Sounds Like: Bale_full “ Large bundle_full;Bale_fall
Imagine This: A bale full of gunpowder is harmful and dangerous when kept under the hot sun.
If a bale of hay falls on you from the top of a building, it will certainly be harmful to you, won’t it“Ouch…!Even though it is just a bale of hay.
Other Forms: Balefully (adverb)


Meaning: Ointment for soothing pain, something that comforts or soothes
Sounds Like: Palm
Imagine This: ou can find a special kind of ointment that soothes pain in palm tree oils.
Remember This: Remember seeing Michael Chang, one of the top Professional tennis players, advertising “Tiger Balm on TV“He claims that the Chinese ointment is effective in soothing his muscle aches after a tennis match.


Meaning: Boring; common; ordinary; dull
Sounds Like: Ban_Al
Imagine This: NBC station manager banned Al’s television shows from prime time TV because it was extremely boring.
Other Forms: Banality (noun)


Meaning: Poisonous, harmful, destructive
Sounds Like: Painful
Imagine This: When you inhale poisonous fumes (gas), it will be painful. Looks Like:Baleful Imagine This:It must be harmful and destructive if a heavy bale of hay falls on you.


Meaning: To deceive by charm; to make time pass by pleasantly
Looks Like: Be_guide
Imagine This: There was a charming but deceiving tourist guide who persuaded the tourists to pay the tips up-front, and she disappeared with the money shortly after.
Remember This: Be- “A prefix meaningexist (e.g. being); around (e.g. around); treat as (e.g. befriend)
Other Forms: Beguiling (adjective); Beguilingly (adverb)
Connect With: Beguiling (adjective); Beguilingly (adverb)


Meaning: To give a false idea; fail to fulfil a promise
Sounds Like: Be_lie
Imagine This: If someone lies, he or she must not be telling the truth (in other words, to give a false idea).Usually, he or she will fail to fulfill a promise.


Meaning: Persons or nations are at war; constant fighting; quarrelsome
Sounds Like: Bullie_gerent
Imagine This: Those who like to “bully others usually like to argue and fight.
Other Forms: Belligerence (noun); Belligerently (adverb)


Meaning: Good wishes, a blessing
Sounds Like: Like:Bene _ diction ( Bene- “ Good, -diction “ Word )
Remember This: On Sunday, the pastor usually blesses those who come to church by delivering the holy benediction at the end of their sermons.


Meaning: Friendly; generous; helpful
Sounds Like: :Bene_violent ( Bene- “ A prefix meaning good)
Imagine This: If someone is good to those who are violent, he or she must be very generous and friendly.
Other Forms: Benevolence (noun); Benevolently (adverb)


Meaning: Gentle; kind-hearted; harmless
Looks Like: A man proposed to his girlfriend by saying, “Will you be mine At that moment, he tried his very best to be gentle and kind-hearted in order to win the heart of his girlfriend.
Sounds Like: Be_mine


Meaning: To hand down something by will; pass on
Looks Like: Beneath (under)
Remember This: From time to time, newspapers reported that some old, lonely people left behind a large sum of cash or stock beneath their bed after they passed away.
Other Forms: Bequeathal (noun); Bequest (noun)


Meaning: rejudice; bent; tendency
Sounds Like: Buy_us
Imagine This: :You go to a toy store and see two brands of toys talking to you, “Buy us!Don’t buy the other brands, we’re better.You know we’re better.Buy us!Because you are prejudice towards the “Cold Wheel brand, you always buy the other brand.
Remember This: Government’s equal opportunity labor law bans employment bias based on race, gender and age.


Meaning: Cheat; to defraud; swindle
Sounds Like: Milk
Remember This: A cheating sales person introduces a carton of what he claims to be milk, “Try a carton of this milk.“No way! a customer exclaimed, “Don’t try to cheat me!It is labeled bilk, not milk!Who are you trying to fool


Meaning: Anything that causes decay, death, or disease
Sounds Like: Be_light
Imagine This: Here’s a make believe story. Once there was a widespread disease that caused many deaths on this planet.One day, God saw that people had suffered enough and he said “Let there be light!, and gradually the disease left and the world slowly returned to normal.
Other Forms: Blight (verb); Blighted (adjective)


Meaning: To support; to encourage
Looks Like: Holster “ Leather pistol case carried around the waist or fixed to a saddle.
Imagine This: The holster supports the gun close to the user, so he or she has easy and quick access to the weapon when needed.


Meaning: Speech intended to capture the attention of the audience; high- sounding language
Sounds Like: Bomb_blast
Imagine This: During a lecture to a group of FBI rookies, the bomb expert captured (and impressed) the audience’s attention by describing his near-death experience with a bomb, which blasted just a few feet away from him.
Other Forms: Bombastic (adjective)


Meaning: Crudely insensitive; rude person
Looks Like: Coor_ish (Coors, the popular beer)
Sounds Like: Bullish
Imagine This: A “bullish person is likely to be rude and insensitive to others.
After you drink a case of Coors beer (24 cans), most likely you will be drunk and become rude and insensitive to others
Remember This: Don’t drink and drive!!


Meaning: Shortness; conciseness
Looks Like: Brief (a short time; momentary)
Sounds Like: Brew_a_tea
Imagine This: The basic technique of brewing good tea is to brew the tea in a pre-heated tea pot with very hot boiling water for a short time.Otherwise, the tea will taste bitter.


Meaning: Offensively self-important
Looks Like: Bump_tious
Imagine This: People who like to “bump others most likely are offensive and feel they are more important than others.
Other Forms: Bumptiousness (noun); Bumptiously (adverb)

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